November 6, 2023

Former Camellia Home Health & Hospice
Team Launches arden hospice

The Arden team comes together in high spirits at the internal launch event, setting the stage for heartfelt hospice care in local Mississippi communities.

Arden is proud to announce the launch of its new hospice services, dedicated to providing exceptional care that honors life at every stage. With a deep-rooted commitment to community, Arden believes that “Your Life Matters” and strives to celebrate every chapter of life from beginning to end.

Founded in Mississippi by Abb Payne, a true “local boy” at heart, Arden brings a sense of belonging and experience to the forefront of its services. During his tenure as president and CEO of Camellia Home Health & Hospice (founded by his father in 1974), the company was named Best Place to Work in Mississippi for over a decade. Payne’s passion for care stems from his childhood experiences delivering Meals on Wheels with his grandmother, igniting a lifelong legacy of compassion and care. Desiring to continue in the spirit of family and focus on community values, Payne has surrounded himself with highly skilled, fiercely compassionate souls who love to serve others.

“We’re Mississippians taking care of Mississippians – and it’s a team effort. So, I’m looking forward to empowering the Arden team and our communities, like my dad and my grandmother before me, so we can fulfill our promise of being here for our patients and their caregivers,” says Payne.

Arden is not just a provider of exceptional local hospice care; it is also a fulfilling place to work. Their team of world-class caregivers, known as the “A-Team,” believes that every stage of life deserves to be cherished. Arden invites potential employees, doctors, and caregivers to join them on this journey of delivering quality, dignified care. Their mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families, facilitating care in an atmosphere of peace. Working at Arden means being part of a dedicated team that finds meaning in every heartbeat by delivering better healthcare.

Pat Patterson, Chief Operating Officer, emphasizes the uniqueness of each patient-care experience and caregiver need. “Employees share in the success of the company. Arden values the opinions of its employees and recognizes the commitment they make every day,” she says.

Through a series of acquisitions (Hospice Ministries, Solace Hospice, Inc., and Unity Hospice Care, Inc.), Arden’s services extend across 70 counties in Mississippi, establishing them as a reliable and trusted member of communities throughout the state. With accessible locations, Arden is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive care to Mississippi residents. Their local teams possess intimate knowledge of the communities they serve, enabling them to tailor care to specific preferences and cultures. Having an Arden branch nearby offers trusted peace of mind to families and patients, establishing a dependable healthcare partner.

Arden’s extensive reach and commitment to the community solidify their status as a trusted healthcare provider in Mississippi. They aim to make an intentional impact on the lives of those they serve.

Payne believes, “To truly care for people, you must be empathetic. People are coming to you in their greatest time of need, and they are trusting you to take care of them.”

Arden is more than just a healthcare provider; they are a neighbor, a friend, and a support system. Together, they navigate the beautiful journey of life with dignity, compassion, and celebration.

About arden

Arden Hospice is a premier healthcare provider that takes pride in delivering exceptional local hospice services. Our team consists of highly skilled, compassionate, and dedicated healthcare professionals who strive to surpass expectations and cater to our clients’ needs in every possible way. At Arden, we believe in setting a new standard of care that goes above and beyond. Founded in Mississippi, Arden Hospice invites you to connect with us today at or call 855-ARDEN4U to experience the care and support that Arden Hospice provides.

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Founder/CEO Abb Payne, COO Pat Patterson, and CFO Alan Blakeney share the heartfelt narrative that led to the birth of a hospice company committed to Mississippi communities.