Arden Home Health & Hospice Acquires Mid-Delta Home Health, Solidifying its Coverage Footprint to Over 90% of Mississippi

HATTIESBURG, MS—May 14, 2024

In the fall of 2023, Mississippi-based Arden Hospice opened its doors to Mississippi residents to address the growing need for exceptional end-of-life care and to provide quality career opportunities for Mississippians. As the demand for both continues to grow, Arden is committed to expanding its efforts and investing in its workforce to better serve the needs of
patients and their families throughout the state.

With this in mind, Arden Hospice is proud to announce its recent acquisition of Mid-Delta Home Health, a 40+ year family-owned, Mississippi business covering predominantly the Mississippi Delta and surrounding areas. As of May 1, 2024, Arden is now the largest home health and hospice company that is proudly owned, headquartered, and operating in the State of Mississippi.

Arden extends its invitation to all professionals in this new area interested in joining its “A-Team” to visit the company’s website at With award-winning care now covering most of Mississippi, there are great career opportunities at Arden Home Health & Hospice.


Arden Home Health and Hospice, founded and headquartered in Hattiesburg, MS, is dedicated to delivering premium home health and hospice services tailored to individuals across the state, with a special emphasis on serving rural communities. The Arden “A-Team” is a team of experienced, compassionate healthcare professionals who are committed to establishing a benchmark of care that not only surpasses expectations but also addresses patient’s needs comprehensively and with genuine kindness.  Connect with Arden today at or call (855) ARDEN4U.

Jennifer Payne
(855) 273-3648 (ARDEN4U)